Fishing Code Help

Alright. I created a forum because I needed a little help on my Fishtopia 2 project. Going okay but not taking any fish away, except for blue fish… Maybe, IDK

What specifically do you need help with?

I need help on coding…

Do you mean the fishing system? If so, then look here:

Yep, I do. But, I already followed the directions. I don’t think I missed anything… Made sure to put the blocks on channel Sell…

Can I see what you have so far?

Do you earn the money?

Yes, It did. I don’t think it is giving the blue fish tho, and the money for the blue fish is coming, unless somehow it is taking away the blue fish, but how?

Next time when you create a help post please just say what you need help on, it makes it easier for us to help you. I changed your title for you.

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