FireBase Z ideas (COD ZOMBES)

I need to figure out multiple things, deadshot daiquiri is easy BUT BUT BUT I need more, like speed cola etc etc, if you would like to help me I will reply with the link (if allowed, the rules are so long oh my gord) (i dont like reading) but yeah, idea pls

(PAP Figured out)

you mean multipliers like a speed upgrade and damage and other things?

yeah! that would work, but my PAP uses multipliers for damage, would that flow to everyone ELSE or just the person who bought it?

so you want the one person who buys it to only have it?


you can hide the words to pass the character limit by putting words (not sybols) in the <>

for the damage
ok all you need is a vending and a damage multiplier and use wires so when the player buys whatever your using as currency use a wire that says once bought → activate damage multiplier. only that one player will have it. im sorry if this sounds confusing to you im not good at talking.
and then you can do the same thing for speed except use a speed multiplayer.

ok nice, i used channels and that didnt work, so this actually is extremely useful, have a nice day!

yep! remember to mark a solution. and happy building!

Speed cola can not be made for now, Juggernog, set the players health to a max of 200 and shield of 1, and you start with 100 health and no shield, double tap just use a damage multiplier, quick revive for multiplayer is not available, but for single player, use this guide I made How to make a redeploy system - #8 by Coffee
and for the props use this one I also made How to make all cod zombies perk props - #15 by Coffee and stamina up is just more speed, or if you have sprint system, give them a higher cap and energy regen speed