How to make a redeploy system

So I was looking up guides and saw that there is no guide for redeploying so I will make one

you will need

  1. lifecycle
  2. triggers
  3. team switcher
  4. vending machine
  5. wire repeater (optional)

lets begin

place down the lifecycle (player knocked in setting) and a trigger (not visible and not triggered by collision)

  1. get the second trigger (same settings), vending machine, and the team switcher (spectator)

  2. time for wires
    LC to trigger when event occurs - trigger
    LC to other triggers when event occurs - trigger
    bottom trigger to top when triggered - activate trigger
    top trigger to TS when triggered - switch to team
    VM to top trigger when bought - deactivate trigger

And that is it, I hope you enjoy


By redeploy system, do you mean like a respawn?

Yes, It would naturally like in cod needed to have been bought by a teammate and you would skydive back down, but you cant change off spectator for now

So like a fortnite reboot. Maybe change the name of the guide to Reboot System?

kinda, but instead of you being carried to the reboot bus, you would have been bought back with money and redeploy instantly and fly back down to the ground, just to get sniped mid-air by a sweat with a gold skin sniper

You don’t get carried by a bus, you respawn in the air and glide down, sort of like you said.

I know, I mean your reboot card gets carried there

and I assume there is a chance to get sniped mid-air by a sweat?

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hey wolfy!! :3 also hello coffee havent seen u in a long time but anyways as to stay on topic nice guide! :smiley_cat:

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If you add that, then yeah.