Finished? Maybe

What should I add to my farming map? Just curious, I’m bored (just no eco-systems that generate energy every 69 seconds)

Maybe a trader that sells you items?

great idea, but my game can’t load sentries for some reason.

Check this out

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Maybe add:
Hay bale Maze
And maybe:


how to eat a tractor :skull:


Lol yeah, but its still a useful/fun thing to put in your map

You could add a fighting minigame that gives you some resources if you beat it. (Assuming the sentries load)

yea, maybe eating tractors will help me to harvest

my game is a solo-ish game

sentries work in fresh maps, I just figured out

WAIT… I can use scarecrows as the ppl

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You could add a forest to look for extra items.

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make it so if people go too close to the well, they fall in and lose all their items…

that’s quite possibly the worst thing I could do, I want my game to be fun, not rage quit game.

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No, That would be the best thing!

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Maybe you should add some crates where there are materials in there and if you break/open it they all drop

or you could go and buy/sell stuff for matrals

send me code so i can help you i helped all my freinds make games

I don’t think you’re allowed to share game codes

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