How to eat a tractor in gimkit 2.0 (Difficulty 3/10 or 🟩 )

this version has pics step 1 place a button and open it and put this in

now put a tract or on top of it

then wire it

now you can makit to where you can get health put a heath granter down now and wire it

now wire it

there this is the new updated version with pic, tell me how to put hard lvs but i would say about green 2/0 ty for reading and dont forget to like.


guys i think this dude has a tractor fetish


ha yea i know i just thought it would be funny


well just dont spam this otherwise it might get flagged

why didn’t you just add pictures to the original guide?..

he probably didnt know how to edit posts



He could of run out of time to edit

Can you not make the guide so specific? Maybe you could do “How to consume props for health” or something.

why is that mysz? why is that its specific?

How to eat a tractor feels a bit weird and specific.

so, and who editid it cuase know it says How to eat a tractor in gimkit 2.0 (Difficulty 3/10 or green_square )

Someone seems to have added an emoji difficulty for you.

eh i dont really care

I did (and I do all the time).

I find this suspicious



(Uncommanded Rate)
Hey @craftking12, Argo Here
First of all, Unrealistic and Funny tutorial, to be honest, who would eat a whole tractor :skull:. Second, I actually like this tutorial! The fact that your showing people how to eat things in gimkit can be very useful since (I think) there is fruit in Gimkit!
What you did well
You did well with what you showed in the images! The device options and the wire screen that you displayed was a good idea to show!
What you could improve on
Realism :skull: (I’m joking)
Final Rating
My final rating will be a suprising 10/10!. This is vital for battle royale games and I’m happy that you showed this, so you deserved it!


This is the best guide

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This is more like a 1/10