Finding the amount of an item for a triggering player (And other questions.)

Here look at how I do it (Edit the wiki to see)

Okay. Thanks, @Crimson_Knight (!)

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short message.

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I will see if that works later, I’m busy right now, so I need to wait around an hour.

The streak works, it’s that I need to display the player with the highest streak and their name.


Why is that a text property, it doesnt show up…

This is my setup:

This is what happens when I have 3 snowballs and the other player has 7:

ok sorry it should be a number property.

two properties: Top Name and Top player’s score
Top Name:

Top player’s score:


next, use the already existing streak property and wire it to a trigger. make this block in the trigger:

now, place an overlay.
block [on wire pulse]:

now wire the trigger to the overlay.
this will show the top player and their streak on an overlay. [probably.]

Streak works. (THANKS), but, the snowballs thing doesn’t, i’ll mark a solution when both problems are solved.

First, check all the blocks for correctness. Second, check that the snowballs are actually being put as a property and the value of that property by making a debug screen. I would put in all the snowball properties in that screen so you can see if they update correctly.

So there’s an option in the iim to edit a property. You should use that instead of blocks.

i said that, but now the problem is somewhere in the middle

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It should all just be one property, and you use the get property as knocked out player and get property blocks.

i know how to do this, wait, i made it in my map. THe reason it doesn’t update is because it is in the same block code. Alright, here is the wirining. KO MANAGER ----> trigger
Trigger block code: Set DED player to triggering player name.

you need to seperate the winner and loser of a battle
you need a sperate trigger for the killing player and the ded player

that is why the original guide has two triggers
all of this is already included

oh, whoops sry