Final Boss Ideas? (COD ZOMBIES)

Ok so i know i have some enemy ideas but to end the game, you need to kill an enemy at the end of the map to win. I have no idea what to give the equipment for the boss, and i don’t want to make the boss too hard or too easy.

place a sentry down and wire it to a end game device

I know how to do that already, i’m talking about what should i name it, and its weapons health etc

And change its accuracy, fire rate, and damage the harder you want it to be.

give the sentry a snowball launcher epic

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Ok. Idk about it’s difficulty or accuracy, and rate of fire

try this: Game Difficulty

Ok thanks for the help


COD Zombies never ends…

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I know i can’t wait for MW3 and cod 2024. I love cod zombies.

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