Favorite Mario Party Minigames (Or Just Minigame Ideas) (Still Needed!)

What are some of your favorite Mario Party Minigames for my Mario Party recreation? They don’t all have to be minigames from Mario Party, you can make some up. They should be as memory efficient as possible. (So no blocks if possible) I need 4 player, 1v3, 2v2, and 1v1 minigames.

Current Ideas so Far:


Is this a 2D or a platformer?

it’s like tags don’t exist

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Top-down. So 2D

Why would it be mini-guide?

I’d say flood run, where you have to escape a coming flood.

Some versions of tag or battle royal, like random weapons and health and shield.

I have no idea of what Mario Party is. clarification plz?

It’s a board-type game where you play minigames in between rounds.

Does this help?

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wrong tag oof
but you can look at map ideas and make smaller versions of them

The 1v3 minigame where there’s one person in a mech and he/she’s trying to hit the people running around on a platform (maybe like a person sho0ting evil eyes from the sky?)

Mario Party is a 4-player kinda board game type thing made by Nintendo. After everyone takes a turn on the board, you play a minigame to earn coins. These minigames will just be short little, well, mini games.

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Oh ok. Thanks

I searched it up on google, there’s a few articles/lists on minigames.

There are 80 mini-games. [1] Some of the top ones are:

  • “1st Bumper Brawl”
  • “2nd Trike Harder”
  • “3rd Smash and Crab”
  • “4th It’s the Pits”
  • “5th Slaparazzi”
  • “6th Sizzling Stakes”
  • “7th Off the Chain”
  • “8th Just for Kicks”

No one flag my post for the names lol, it’s what they are called.


Wait… ???

  1. Unless google is wrong… ↩︎

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You could also do it where they have to keep jumping over a barrel until 3 of 4 ppl get hit by the barrel

It can be from any Mario Party game guys. Not just Super Mario Party. You have minigames from Mario Parties 1-9 too…

IK but i’m blanking on games rn

This might be helpful:
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