Favorite Mario Party Minigames (Or Just Minigame Ideas) (Still Needed!)

I know, just everything that has been said by everyone has been Super Mario Party. Not just you. You’re fine

Bc the simplest ones and the ones that people remember are in SMP
I was in that game. I quit after a month.

Yeah, I guess so

You could do one with 2v2 and the players throw a pie at the other team like in super Mario party

You could give them a pml

we don’t have pie oof
only portable muffin launchers
don’t even understand why thats a thing

Okay, so basically copied everything from breezewiki

Free-for-All minigames

Trike Harder[1]


Sizzling Stakes[1]

Snack Attack[1]

Barreling Along[1]

Sphere Mongers[1]

Senseless Census[1]

Social Climbers[1]

Can Take Pancake[1]

Lost in the Shuffle[1]

Precision Gardening[1]

Gridiron Gauntlet[1]

Candy Shakedown[1]

Fuzzy Flight School[1]

Soak or Croak[1]

Looking for Love[1]

Croozin’ for a Broozin’[2]

Trip Navigator

Look Sharp

Absent Minded

Don’t Wake Wiggler

Feeding Friendsy

Stake Your Claim

Rumble Fishing

Rattle and Hmmm

Metal Detectors

Air to a Fortune

Follow the Money

Lightning Round

Timing is Money

2-vs-2 minigames

Pie Hard

Tall Order[2]

Making Faces[1]

Maths of Glory

Dash and Dine

Fruit Forecast[1]

Nut Cases[1]

Tow the Line

Perfect Fit

Juice Box

1-vs-3 minigames

Smash and Crab[1]

Off the Chain[1]

Dust Buddies[1]

Sign, Steal, Deliver[1]

Dart Gallery[1]

Block and Load[1]

Drop Shot

Bopping Spree

Drop Quiz

What a Racket

Co-op minigames

Net Worth

Sort of Fun

Home on the 'Rang

Penguin Pushers

Isthmus Be the Way

Go with the Flow

Miner Setbacks

Fetch Quest

Suit Yourselves

Fireplace Race

Rhythm minigames

Strike it Rich

Time To Shine

Take a Stab

All-Star Swingers

Rhythm and Bruise

Pep Rally

Wiped Out

Fiddler on the Hoof

Clearing the Table

Baton and On

Toad’s Rec Room minigames

Mini Baseball League

Shell Shocked Deluxe

Puzzle Hustle

Banana, Split

bruh I spent 10 minutes deleting pictures


Yeah, but there’s more than just Super Mario Party minigames, and not all can be recreated. That’s why I’m asking for favorites! :grin:

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The only one I’ve looked at and I think might be re-creatable is ‘can take pancake’ I guess.
So basically there’s a bunch of items in the center of the arena and players have to go into the center to grab the items that are higher rarity so they can get more points when the put the item back to their corner

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let’s see here. you could do pie hard. Use gadgets that need to be refilled. and have the ammo appear at the back.

Or, if you don’t don’t care if they’re from mario party, you could use some of our games that we did in minigame rush

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I’ve searched around ten minigames, none of them seem recreatable. Maybe fruit forecast and penguin pushers, but I need to do homework now so bye

Croozin for a broozin could be possible as well

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Oh yes! I used to play Mario Party!
Ok I will list some of my favourites that might work in gimkit

Trike harder

Bike racing in a straight line and try to get the fastest time

Snack attack

Collect the biggest amount of raining popcorn in your bucket

Can take Pancake

A pile of pancakes in the middle and you have to grab them (only the ones on the top can be taken) and some are 1 point and others are 5 points.

Senseless Census

You need to count the toads running around in limited time and whoever gets closest to the answer wins.

Fuzzy flight school

you are in a spaceship flying around and you only have 3 lives. If you get hit by one of the fuzzies that are blocking the way, you lose a life. Try to be the last one standing to win.

Croozin' for a Broozin'

You need to pick the right path otherwise more of the bad guys come out of the pipes on the bad side, and might punch you out of the map.

Pie hard

Grab pies and throw them at each other, the more that hit the other players, the more points you get.

Off the chain

One player is the ball, and you can only turn and move in straight lines, you must knock out other players that are running around the arena. (might be hard to program in gimkit…)

What a racket

One player has a big racquet and the other players have little ones, you must hit falling little b ombs to and fro in the game, and they keep falling. If it lands and explodes in the other player’s side of the court, you get a point.

Fetch quest

You need to, as a team, find all 9 diamonds, and put them in the slot. Try to beat the timer and get all of the diamonds in the boxes in time! (You can also pass them to each other) (no clue how to make this in gimkit…)

  • snack attack
  • can take pancake
  • senseless census
  • fuzzy flight school
  • croozin’ for a broozin’
  • pie hard
  • off the chain
  • what a racket
  • fetch quest
  • other
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I hope this helps! :wink:

I can’t recall the name of it, but one of my favorite minigames is the one where it’s a 3v1 and you have to demolish a tower of blocks. Perhaps you could recreate that with a couple of props and some gadgets where one person gets a quantum portal and the three others get zappers?


I think that one is Block and Load. :wink:

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I like the plates of do0m game mode from Mario party 7 or something

Baseball is my favorite mini game

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How does that one go?

I feel like a lot of these require physics, which are kinda impossible in gkc

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No, the Evil Eye and Zapper Thing could work. Just destr0y props. Not all of them will work exactly the same as Mario Party

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