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I want to point out that I will not close this because I may have a lot of questions and I don’t want to open a boatload of topics so when I am finished I will close this. anyway question 1, (solved)What are the seed colors for each plant in farm chain can somone just make a table that shows the name of the seed the color for item in GKC and the cost of seed and what it sells for that would be majorly apricated if somone could. also not off topic the strat was literaly to help me get the seed colors Question 2: how do I make the selling system for crops? and what does each crop sell for?

Use this guide for the colors.
[ :clipboard: ] Every Single Image in Gimkit

doesnt say what it is

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Someone would have to make an entire guide/wiki for that, so until that happens I don’t know what to do. It would really take a while for someone to, though.

Corn- 0
Wheat- 25
Grape- 750
Raspberry- 4,000
Watermelon- 20,000
Coffee Bean- 100,000
Orange- 500,000
Gimberry- 5,000,000


I would do it myself but I have a “shallow color blindness” I see color but cant simualr shades like for a while I thought the pepper seed was brown


Aw–I’m sorry. Maybe I could. It would take a while, though.

I think if you set the energy per question to 10,000 and play a kit where every question is correct it wouldn’t take too long although I can do it myself for the same reason a ChompytheDragon.I’m not joking I am legitimately color blind also

wait I regonize scratch blocks color on high contrast mode let me find a way to turn on high contrast wait I can match the seeds


Second Question is open so getting thi sback to page

hello??? anyone gonnnna help

What do you mean by what are the seed colours for each plant?

tgar problem was fxed

Each crop sells for twice the price it was bought, except for corn. That sells for 5 Cash

selling system?? I feel like it’s simple, unless I’m reading it wrong.
Just make a vending machine for crops and make it give you cash.

Uhm how do I make it so that it sells all crops in the players inventory

(Vending Machine) Item Purchased -> (Wire Repeater) Repeat the pulse
(Wire Repeater) Pulse Repeated -> (Vending Machine) Attempt to Purchase Item