Fall Guys Qualify System

So I want this to happen, When the game starts it reads how many players there are and subtracts that by 3 so 3 people won’t qualify.

Not yet, I invited you to a server where me and Wendover are planning the rounds and stuff when it comes out.

Oh, alright. You might want to edit that post so it says “deleted post”.

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Use a live player counter thats sets a property. Now, whenever someone qualifies increase a counter by 1 (that updates the Num Qualified global property), and then run block code in a trigger. The code should check to see if the number of players qualified is greater than the live players - 1.

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Thank you!

However you also need to set a property per player called Qualified. If it is 1 they qualify. If 0 they don’t. Make sure it is player scoped. Also set it to one once the trigger the qualify. Then once they qualified call broadcast using a relay to everyone. The relay should broadcast on a trigger. The trigger should respawn anyone who’s Qualified property isn’t 1

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