Fall damage in gkc?

so I just had a BiG BrAiN idea
now that we have the coordinate system
is it possible to detect changes and how big the changes are in the y coordinates?
if it is possible we could create multipliers for fall damage and it could technically be possible
now that we have a dmg device too
I’m sure there is a way I’m just a bit too tired rn ._.
so I’ma start trying to figure this out on my own but lemme know if u have any other alternative methods to making fall damage


Yes, but you would have to calculate where the blocks that damage you are at ALL times.

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I think so?
I have a very non-memory-efficient idea

That’s definitely possible, but would probably be difficult.

What is it?

That would be almost impossible to do

I would have to make an entire guide about it, and don’t have the energy rn. Ping me later, like 3:30-4:30 pm

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Which time zone?

Fall damage seems like a good idea! I’m not experienced enough to come up with anything, put ping me if you figure it out, I would love to see how it works!

Eastern/VA in USA

This is personal info and off topic

true but what if we just place a trigger to mark where the ground is and have it broadcast on a channel that checks whether a difference in y coordinates has occured b4 dealing the actual dmg

:+1: So in 6 hours?

So, you need to have the position of the blocks that hurt when you fall as property’s so I would do ground and in blocks:
if Y 10 far away from “Damage from block” then deal 10 damage
else if 20 far away then deal twenty damage
else if 30 far away deal 40 damage
else if 40 far away do 55 damage
Basically continues like that.

No in like 20 minutes/1 hour 20 minutes

Oh, okay. My PDT brain is all thrown off right now.

Ok, lets get back on topic guys…

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Alright! Be back later!

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Okay, my bad.

@BMW23 It’s 3:30 now, here’s your reminder.