Extreme Coding Required (Maybe)

Hello everyone! If you are not much of a coder, I recommend you do not try and help with this, because this is all about coding.

Now that we got only coders to help us (Hopefully), I will explain the problem and the idea we have to tackle it.


So… The problem we have is we want to create a Brawl Stars bush system in my game. (The same game as my leaderboard guide.)

Idea we have

See post 64

Any help to make this will be appreciated! :smiley:

This might not be possible

I believe it will :pray:

The idea makes sense in my head

Edit: Who are they @xPct0_P0t80

That could work, but you’d need someone with more skill than I.

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I know some people who are good at this. I’ll send them a call and have them reply to you.

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I don’t think you need code. Made a system without it and it works fine. I can show you if you want.

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(sorry I’ve been missing the links)

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Really? Show me please

Wait a sec. Can’t we just use a zone in every Bush and make it show with the bushes having a player visibility scope?

And if we want the trigger does surrounding bushes too?

I don’t think so. You can’t have multiball channels in one bush, only one.

Wires are a thing…

So you need to copy your bush, and then place it on your current bush. Then you set the alpha to 0.5 for the copied bush make a zone over the bush. Make it transmit entered bush 1 when you enter the zone and left bush when exiting. Then have your original bush hide when receiving on entered bush 1 and show on left bush. You can copy the hay bales and the zone as much as you want as long as you change the entered bush channel and update the hay bale to show on that channel.

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I wanted to make it larger, but I made that for one of my single bushes out in nowhere

Wait wut?

Ye, here:

I could probobly help

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This should work…

Can you explain what the mechanic is?

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two bushes, one zone, and a t-flip flop?