Every text line on the text device

I’m using block code with the text device. But i have a problem: Each time i said so, i want it to make another line for the text.
How do i do this?

This isn’t possible yet. For more information, check out this post:


Press enter? IDK this might not work…

If you’re using the text device you SHOULD be able to just hit the return button….

If its like some fancy code though, i would have no idea…

Enter just stops editing that specific block. Like if you are typing in it, you can’t type anymore.

Not on my device…maybe mine is just weird….

Oh no wonder… I’m not good with these block codes…

i agree with @THEHACKER120 just press enter thats all i can think of right now

same @THEHACKER120 im not good with blocks too

I love how fast replies come up after you post something….how many people do you guys think use this forum at once?

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idk honestly i think maybe everone

Kinda off-topic, but I’m guessing fifty. There are a lot of users that got on once, then there are time zones, and all together based on what I see there are probably 50, but most of those are probably just reading around.

true @Here_to_help i agree

Yeah maybe….but really i see some people replying to EVERYTHING…

How do you find the time?

Wait don’t answer that was definitely off topic….

Press space, it skips a line, or maybe return, if it doesn’t, you can’t then.