Ending tag game

How do I end my tag game when everyone is on team 2?
(without changing my current tagging system)

21 minutes and no replies? wow.
Anyways, to answer your question, get an end game device and put, “end game team 2” and when team 2 wins, make a popup that says, “team 2 won” and make it to where it says “Open popup on (end game team 2)”
If it works, please let me know

Player counter for team 1. When at 0, transmit on a channel to the end game device.

could you teach me how to do this

doesnt work i think unless i did it wrong

oh, I know it’s possible I’m just too lazy to do it

how do i make a player counter for one team?

Here’s a player counter, but make on the tag zone that when the player is tagged, transmit to the team switcher AND the counter, and make it decrement. When it hits 0, transmit on a wire/channel to the end game.

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thanks so much! it works now

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