Eliminatable Sentries that won't knock you out! (🟧)

Actually, I don’t know. I haven’t tested everything yet.

Ok. Did they release this on the docs? Or was it on Discord or something else affiliated?


Here, you might want to check this out:

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Could you replace the words k;ll in your title name to something more friendly like KO? It won’t let you link the guide to another post because it has that word in it. I did it by messing with the link, but not every person would think of that.

Yeah, just saw those comments. When this was made, that wouldn’t happen. And, I would change it, but because of how old this guide is, I can’t edit it, so I need a regular to update it. Could someone do it for me please?



would you like a different name? It sounds a bit wonky. (Like anything in mind you would like?


I BUMPED into a sentry that doesn’t hit me but I can hit it.

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