Efficient Update Suppressor (UPDSR)

An Update Suppressor which I will refer to as a UPDSR is a device that intentionally suppresses updates (Causes Lag) in order to try and do things like possibly freeze a projectile. A UPDSR is a simple system which in the simplest form requires:

Supplies Needed

2 Triggers
2 Wire Repeaters
Several Common Quantum Sentries
1 Button
Walls of Your Choice
(Optional but Highly Recommended)
2 Extra Triggers

How Does this Work?

The UPDDSR works by using a variation of the quantum portal machine gun by @potato1. The system has two different teams of sentries firing at each other. Due to the splash animation that the quantum portal deals when it hits something, it will severely increase lag. The advanced version is highly recommended because at some points the lag will be too painful to even use a button to stop it.

Mechanics Setup (Basic)

Start by placing down two wire repeaters with delays of 0.1 seconds.Link the first delay to the second delay and the second delay to the first delay. Then place down two triggers and hide it and disable the trigger by player collision. Then set them to transmit on channels Activate Sentry and Deactivate sentry respectively. When complete link them each to one of the delays each. Then place a button and link it to one of the wire repeaters. The final look should be this.
Screenshot 2023-10-25 1.56.09 PM

Mechanics Setup (Advanced) (Recommended)

Build the exact system from the basic system but erase one of the wires between the wire repeaters. Place a trigger in the middle of them and disable collision and visibility. Then link one of the wires from one of the wire repeaters to the trigger. Then link the trigger to the other wire repeater. Place another trigger down but DO NOT disable anything. Link this to the other in the advanced guide trigger so that when triggered disable the trigger. This will be the stop lag machine trigger. The final look is this:
Screenshot 2023-10-25 2.06.07 PM

Sentry Setup

Place down a sentry and set it to activate on channel Activate Sentry and deactivate on channel Deactivate Sentry. Then copy this one and place it across from this sentry but set it to team 1. Rinse and repeat and the end will look like this.

You can change the amount of sentries for the amount you need. Keep in mind that some sentries may deactivate if you cram them together.
Happy Gimkiting!


YAY lag machine! Good guide!

I don’t know what a practical use for this would be but Great Guide. :+1:

This is great, might help figure out Stationary Projectiles!

Nice, this is pretty interesting!

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It’s not creating lag. :frowning:

Hi, what did you try could you send me a screenshot?