Editing Tips, Tricks, and Hacks compilation

Over my many days/weeks of helping people on this forum and toying with Gimkit Creative, I have come up with a list of helpful advice & recommendations.

#1 Editing options

Editing options

Click the gear button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

It should open a tab like this:

Click editing options. You will be presented with this screen:

The rest is self-explanatory. Have fun!

#2 Using channels & wires

Using Channels & Wires

Sometimes, you need to use multiple inputs/outputs. While there is only one channel entry, wires provide an extra medium of communication. Especially if you want multiple inputs, I recommend using wires & channels (Or wires, at least.)
I do not, however, advise using wires unless absolutely necessary. That’s just personal preference, however, not required. Channels are much more clean, simple, and flexible.

#3 Blocks


may seem… daunting. It definitely looks complicated and sounds complicated when people talk about it, but it is not difficult.
Let’s try something together.

Gimkit Creative instructional video compilationVideo

Let’s say that for some reason, you are having trouble making some devices act a certain way together. Since Popup is the closest to property on the list, let’s use that as an example.
Watch the video to see how I use blocks to solve a problem.This was a bad example because I could think of other fixes rather than resorting to blocks. (BTW, Blocks are generally considered the last resort in the hierarchy of solutions.) But anyway, I used blocks to alter a property when the question streak reached 5. You do not need to completely understand blocks, or even use them, but it is nice to know that there is a proof-by-exhaustion, brute-strength way to do it if push comes to shove.

#4 Properties


Honestly one of the most difficult aspects of the creative mode. Their use is rarely required to function regularly, but it is a good skill to have. I’m not sure how to explain this one…
I suppose that their use almost always requires some blocks in a few devices. This is most certainly some of the most technical stuff released. Properties can be one of the following three: Booleans (True/false), Values (#s), or text. You simply choose one, label it, and make some blocks in some devices that alter the content. Do this using the property browser. Properties can sometimes even be used with checkers and counters!
When might you need to use this though? I can practically hear your mind screaming it. The thing, the really disappointing, annoying thing, is that I really can’t explain it. Infuriatingly enough, the best answer I can give you is “You’ll know when you know.” How cliche.

#5 The Hierarchy of Troubleshooting

The Hierarchy of Troubleshooting

This is incredibly unofficial. I developed this myself and this may become moot as Creative evolves.

Tier 6: Human error

-This is the most unappealing and most exhaustive method of “debugging.” Carefully comb through your work with a fine-point tip.

Tier 5: Add a device

-There is probably a device for that purpose. Or, at least, one that can be appropriated for such a use.

Tier 4: Check channels

-So much can go wrong here.

Tier 3: Get into the technicalities

-Once you got here, you have most likely eliminated the possibility of a mistake or simple solution. Only thing left is the properties, blocks, and more advanced stuff.

Tier 2: Use the Guides/Forums

-(Could also be number one. Like I said, this is based onpersonal preference.)

Tier 1: Reach out to developers

-Please utilize with caution. They are very busy and have so much stuff to do. Only if there is no workaround and you absolutely need it should you bother them. Or maybe they are fine with it. Who knows?

#6 Experimental worlds

Experimental worlds

Have a game slot to do tests, take notes, and document the behavior of certain devices.

#7 Map Options

Map Options

This is really a part of the game, not a piece of advice. But, since people often overlook it, I included it.
The gear you clicked in #1 also leads to a set of map options. That is where you control nearly every aspect of the game outside (or even including) devices. Look around in there, it is essential for a proper game and can add what your game mode needs.

#8 Using text devices to access blocks

Using text devices to access blocks

Always, when you need to use blocks, just use the blocks in the text. It’s simpler and comes with a built-in label.

#9 Easy solutions to common problems

Easy solutions to common problems

This section is purely anecdotal and lacks any trace of evidence

Wire repeater/trigger:

used to create delay times.


For when too many wires make you scream


Just read the teleporter directions, it’ll come to you soon enough. So many people make mistakes here


To check (without using blocks) when a certain condition is met
I’ll add more soon. I am just collecting more data to decide what to put here.

#10 Reach out to yours, truly


"Interact with these to get your mind off of it...

Relaxing GIF - Find on GIFER
Trippy Calming GIF - Trippy Calming Art - Discover & Share GIFs

The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stages 1-6 (Complete) - YouTube
Look at some good-old-fashioned liminal spaces :smiling_imp:
Look up unsettling imagery

Happy Gimkitting!

Reddit - Dive into anything


I would like to add that you should see if there is a guide on this forum before you post a question. I saw a lot of posts on the old forum with questions that could be answered by guides.

Yeah. Thanks! Nice to see you, by the way.

Aw man. I was going to post this xD.

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