Easter eggs for my Gimemon map

For combat, @WhereIsMyHat, have you ever thought about when the pokeball animation/cutscene is done you summon a sentry to the respective player’s team? There’s a barrier blocking the two sentries (the pokemon) from attacking each other. There’s a button that the two battlers race to. And then, the person who presses it first deactivates the barrier so the sentry (pokemon) can attack the other sentry

I’m using @Coral’s guide to turn based combat and types. Here’s the link to both,

Wait oops it shows @wingwave’s comment and I don’t know how to change that.

Mine is kind of too messy :sweat_smile:

They are both mine! Two four six eight just made it a wiki because it was once a wip! Not trying to sound mean!

Besides I can’t make NPCs move or press a button. In fact the enemies moves will be randomly generated out of a few options for their gimemon.

:sweat_smile: Cool! That information was… unexpected

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Okay I’ll change it so it gives you full credit.

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Sorry, if I sounded mean!


All of these ideas were good so I gave the solution to the person with the least solutions.

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