Dungeon Danger Thumbnail Request

Hey. I am making a Dungeon type game on Gimkit Creative. I need a thumbnail. If someone can help me, it would be graciously appreciated!

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Sure I can help! Be done soon!

@GimGamer1 Thank you! Do you need any more details?

The gims if you would, pls!

Hand Drawn or digital?

@GimGamer1 Digital, Please

Wait will you also help me?
I am what my name says

Sure thing, @Noob_Game_Creator1

I need to help @MATTY_JC first though.

So I need a gimkit godzilla chasing a gimkit player

When you gonna reply

There is two teams…

Team Kings- King Gimrick (mascot)
and Team Viking- Girl Viking Cosmetic (mascot)

Forgive my 2 brain cells, I am blanking on her name.

You were just told you were underage and not allowed to be on here. You even said goodbye on that topic. Please just get off. You are 9 thats way to young to be on here, especially when the rules say you are meant to be 13+

Edit: @Noob_Game_Creator1 im pretty sure multiple people have already messaged the mods, so even if you dont leave you will probably get suspended.

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I am getting to work right now, gtg!

It’s just hard to let go,

Can I still make his thumbnail?

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But i’ll go if you really want me to

it’s literally a law you’re breaking
fraud - “wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.”

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