Doors help? Im making a game and need lots of help pls

so… I need to make a thing like I have an igloo and a teleporter as a door and I need to make it so i can enter but i covered most of the map already so i cant make it anywere else pls anyone???

Put the igloo somewhere that’s not covered?

i cant the map is ful of other stuff…

Well, then how are we supposed to help you if we don’t know what the map looks like?

I’d say just don’t make the igloo then…

ok the link is in the shareing form…

The wixsite?

wait can i have the link it failed… sorry im new

Okay, hold on, maybe @ClicClac or @Blackhole927 or @Here_to_help or @Anythinger can help you right now, because I’m going bye.

it on now lololol sorry trying to fill 20 chars

ok bye


I can help you if you want

You can put text in vector brackets like this: <[insert text here]>. There cannot be punctuation in your vector brackets, though.

Like this:

For some reason, your movement meter is very buggy, I think it is supposed to take away 1 energy per step, but sometimes, it randomly takes away 500 energy.
For the igloo cave you can just walk in a random direction until you find some empty space, and then build the igloo cave room with a teleporter inside.
Also, your map looks amazing right now! I would suggest adding walls or barriers around the edges so players can’t just walk off the map. Hope this helps!

oh its fooooood (note the bannnnnaaaasssss)

yes please

oh i did the walls

thanks though i spent 7 hours on it and its still not done :frowning:

You can put characters in <> to make them invisible and pass the character limit.

im confused what are you attempting to do