Don't use the #off-topic tag for posting

Stop using the off-topic tag. It is mainly used if you want to alert the moderators to an off-topic post. Also, going off-topic on this forum is against the rules. (Remember, any case of off-topic post will result in flags.) Anyways, if anyone decides to use the tag in their post; they are not using it correctly, and the post is most likely off-topic. If the post is off-topics, then the off-topic tag can be kept. Otherwise if it is related to Gimkit or the Forum and it has the tag, remove it from your post.

You are only supposed to use that tag if someone is off-topic posting.


Do note that I mainly flag posts if they are not relevant to the discussion. (This could explain the flags everyone was recieving.)

This will be useful for new forum users! Can you add the new-user-must-read tag?

Thanks. I have added the new-user-must-read tag to the post.

Nice! I switched it to fa because we are only using PSA’s for very important announcements.

One question: Is forum tips still being used?

Yes, it is used in forum guides.

Ok. Good to know. I saw somewhere that it was being deleted, or I’m just imagining things.

yeah, idk why ppl just slap on the off topic tag and continue off topic talking on that post although when i made the tag originally, i said that that i made it as a warning so people DONT continue off topic talking on that post and if they do, they may suffer repercussions but at least they got a warning


How do you do that? I learned it somewhere, but I forgot. Btw. nice new pfp!

Is this the reason I was banned even tough I have not said anything for a month?

Yeah, for some reason, a lot of people have gotten banned. I’m going to be switching pfps. Now then, since it’s a bit “stricter,” let’s get back on-topic.

Excuse me….

@twofoursixeight, I added the :mega: to the title.

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Bumping the wiki topic


Well there are other sites that Ik of for off topic like the wix and the slack idk if that link works though