Don't Share Personal Information!

You may have seen people telling users to delete their game codes and hide personal information. Personal information is information such as your name, your address, or your school (if you go to one). You should never share this information with others because others could dox you or cause trouble. If you see someone sharing people’s info flag it or if someone accidentally leaks their own info tell them (politely to remove it)

In conclusion, do not share personal information.

(I don’t know if anyone has created a post on this)

Here's a short poem that I wrote about keeping info safe. I hope you like it! 🙂

Keep your info safe and near
Make sure you don’t share it here
Lest it keep you under fear
That your info is not safe
So keep it to yourself dear


perhaps give it an off-topic tag?
(this is considered off topic right?)

I don’t know. I think it is important though. Privacy is a serious issue.

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correct @Pika_Pokemon. @raeB is correct to not share personal info. The only problem is that this is off topic and if you create too many off topic posts you may get banned.

As this is off topic, it is still quite useful as well. Would this count as a forum announcement though?


I’m also creating a topic on this but with more information (it’s not similar) Can I still post it?

sure? You want to collaborate on it?

I could make it a wiki.

Nice job! I like the extra poem.

I can help with the wiki, too. I have some ideas.



this applies everywhere unless the user voluntarily gives out personal info (why? idk, but i have seen some people do it)


No idea why, honestly, its not a smart move, no matter the reason.


Who inspired you to make that poem? Surely not me? (I also know I am not the only poet on the forums)

I agree, because people can hack you account if you share your info.

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I just realized @Foxy put stuttering as one of her disliked things because of me earlier today!