Don’t share private info!

Lately, I’ve been seeing lots of posts and topics that show private/personal information.
Especially in Bugs or Help.

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Here’s a similar topic that @raeB made:

What is private/personal info?

  • Open Tabs

  • Bookmarked Tabs

  • Email Address leaking

  • Password leaking

  • Real Name Leaking

  • IP Address leaking

  • Age leaking

What to do when you encounter private info

Try to mention (@) the gim to edit the screenshot/image and replace it with a new one. If the user has not yet responded in quite a while, flag their post and select “Something Else” and type something like “User shared private information”

(If you see someone share their private information, please don’t doxx them or memorize their private information. Doing so can get you suspended or IP BANNED.
(ironic, yes)


Only flag the post/topic if it’s an email leak, password leak, or ip leak. Sure, it might suck and you might get suspended (only for repeated violations) but it’s way WAY better than someone going to your house or hacking into your email.

How to avoid sharing private info:

On most devices, specifically Laptops, Computers and ChromeBooks
There is a built-in app called “Snipping Tool”
Which allows you to crop part of the image you want to save and scribble on it to hide private information.
If you don’t see the app, I think there should still be a scribble option once you’ve screenshot the image with PrtScn .

Not sharing private information in “Preferences”

In the top right of your profile, there is a “preferences” tab. You can put your about me, Real Name and location or emails. Please don’t share your exact location in either your about me or location and your email.

Stay safe everybody! Here’s an exit poll:

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