Don't reply; no use to guide

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I don’t think people are gonna use a MrBeast statue in a game
When making an art guide consider:
Is it helpful?
Are people gonna use it?

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Also, who the heck would use this in their map?


I hugely respect that you tried, considering that you took 3 days to finish. But…
This might be a little plain (not trying to be mean, sorry)
Anyways great work!

People are definitely using this for troll games. or chaotic.

Troll games or chaotic games. Like endings

Nobody in the right mind is making statues of youtubers in gimkit

Eh, not that many people will use it

This community is SOOOO nice.

I’m sorry, man, I’m trying to be positive

Next time try to put in more effort in a guide and remember to make it so that people will actually use it.

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What did you expect when you post this? This is quite useless.


Also mean posts have regularly been seen in many topics

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no offense, but what when why how do we need this in our gkc maps?

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(post deleted by author)

sigh come on, be a little nicer. words need not be rude

a modified quote from cello:

If I can’t be serious realistic without being called mean, then that’s a problem


It’s not that deep. If you make guides that aren’t really useful and that people won’t really use it in their maps, you are bound to be flagged.


This is not a personal attack against you. You posted a useless guide and It was flagged accordingly.

It basically is to me.