Don't Press the Button

Is it possible to make a don’t press the button game like the one in roblox? Wouldn’t you need randomized? If it is possible, could you please give me some ideas?

Can someone send me a link to a randomizer?

you could have buttons where if you click it, it sends you somewhere bad using a teleporter.

I was gonna make it so that something random happens, like everyone respawns or a bunch of sentries appear, but it happens at random times.

I don’t think that that exists but you could always just have buttons and for 1st timers, they would be stumped.

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I guess so maybe you could rearrange the order of the buttons.

if you’re willing to do that multiple times…

Just make so many buttons that people won’t remember.

Yeah I know I could make one where a random person respawns and one where everyone respawns, but yeah maybe just use your idea, @GimSolver .

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Yes there is a possible way to make random events.

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Yeah that’s what I thought.

Can you tell me more?

Because i know a randomizer way to do that

So there’s this button that does one random thing that is either good, bad, or neutral. I want to make it so that they happen at random times, and a random order.

There is not a possible way for random times but random events, Yes!

Ok I guess that will do!

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This is a link I found:

This might not be what you need, but it might help.


@BreathTaking You could have a trigger that randomly chooses from good, bad, or neutral, and then those will trigger another trigger that chooses from a list of events you PRESET

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Is there a way to do that