Don't look down

How do I make a don’t look down game in GKC

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You can’t until they add it to creative.

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You can’t, be sure to look things up before you ask, there have been a lot of topics asking this.

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Don't look down
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I'm new to gimkit, so how the heck do you even make a don't look down
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Yeah I think there going to add it sometime after thanksgiving.
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Yeah, it can only be simulated with a renderer at this time.

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so how to simulate it

For real jumping, you need a 2D rendering device, which requires very complicated block code and device systems. A project like this is a massive undertaking and has only been attempted a few times to my knowledge, with only one, highly specialized game system, being successful.




wHy there are approximately 100 billion posts about this

wait, if there is a post about this can you share the link? (The working system)

There is no official post to the platformer, just the prototypes of the incomplete renderers.

oh ok

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