Don't Look Down Credits

I have made a DLD recreation. I have finished it, but I need credits and I want a stopwatch. how would I make that? (and say me in comments for a feature in my map!(sorry I got sidetracked))

there’s an option for counting up in the map settings

oh… Thank you For the tip!

That might not work great in a platformer tho so

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well, I want it to be multiplayer so people can race.

Hmmm, well to make a good looking stopwatch you would probably want to use an overlay, a property, some block code, a counter, a trigger, and a lifecycle.

So set the counter to player scoped then in the counter settings make it track a property “Insert Property name here”. Okay, now go to the property and name it the name that the counter is updating. Now for the trigger make it have a 1.0 delay, and make the channels: When triggered transmit on “Insert a completely new channel here” and trigger when receiving on "Put the channel that you just put in the trigger. Go back to your counter and make it increment on that channel. Now get a lifecycle (Game Start) and wire it to the trigger Event Occurs > Trigger.
So the last part is to actually show the stopwatch on the player’s screen. So go to the overlay’s settings, make it player scoped, and in the middle-ish left you will see something called blocks, click on that and make a new block section: when receiving on channel “Insert the trigger’s channel here”. Now make the block code: