How to make credits and after-game scenes in a game! 2/10 or 🟩

(This doesn’t work as well in a timed game mode)

  • Step one: “end the game”. Basically when the game would end, instead relay on “credits”.

  • When credits is sent, teleport everyone to a certain area. Have this area away from the rest of the map, and have the ground all 1 color. It works best with ground that has little texture, such as concrete or snow

  • make a VERY small box that everyone is teleported to, still looking the same, but with walls surrounding it and a barrier the same color over it

  • Use a large camera view to make the box barely visible, if at all. Then put the credits in what would be the middle of their screen using text. Wait ~5-10 seconds using a trigger

  • If you can fit all of the credits right there, use an end game device to end the game. If not, warp them to an identical area (but with different people and credits)

  • Loop the warps until all of the people who need crediting are credited (these can be collaborators, testers, and people on this forum who gave you the ideas!

  • You can even link this to an area without the text, but with a hint at the next game, extra lore, or a butter sword!

Happy gimkitting!

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Very nice original idea!


Nice job! This is pretty cool!

Butter swords are famous.


Nice guide! I know what I want to add in GK8 next now! If you wanted a perfect singular color, you could use a barrier below the player!


(ends game)
(sees credits)
(sees a word on the credits)
(The word is…)

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