Don't ignore triggers!

Let’s start with a simple introduction:
Devices are the important part of the game. You want your game be functional, with devices. Not like you’re making or playing a map with no functional use.

Imagine playing a battle royale game, and you realize you can’t even open crates, and get a single weapon (from gimkit, of course.). Imagine that. That would be a HORRIBLE game.

Devices have like a lot of important use, and what’s also a device that has a lot of important use?


I know for a FACT 99% of games made in Gimkit Creative uses triggers. They’re the most important device in GKC. Like imagine if you want an action happen if a player steps on something. Well a zone, but to save 300 MEMORY, just use triggers.

Well, what about a trigger that can be deactivated when you step on it? Well, triggers and a Wire Repeater! Just 1 Trigger! Easy! Just go to their configuration and you’ll see Max Triggers. Just set it to 1.

And what if the player steps on a trigger only used for functional use? 1 TRIGGER! SETTING FROM THE TRIGGER! Just click on the trigger and click “Configuration”. Scroll all the way down and you’ll see that there’s a setting if a player can step on the trigger!


This is my conclusion.


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nice conclusion @FersionSpeedy
can somebody post the chad trigger on here? I don’t have it

That’s for forum psas/tips and may get the author flagged, beginner-must-read is for GKC.


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whut is the carrying capacity for triggers?

noice job !

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Anyways, we should stop talking about this subject and talk about triggers instead.

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I’m wasn’t spreading negativity. That’s the point. You’re not listening. I wasn’t being negative, I was just lazy.


I believe we should stop talking, as it’s creating clutter. Plus nobody wants to read clutter.

present or past tense?

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I have a question. What is PSA mean?