Does my Lobby in among them look good

can someone also send me a among us map

Like a photo of one? Because I have one:

yes a photo one of among us map :grinning:

do you have one in among us map???

Wdym when you just said;

the entire Among Us map

Like, the actual game, or the gimkit version?

both of them gimkit and Among us

Ok, here are the photos:

if you want to make the gimkit version, here is the link: Among Us Skeld Map (7/10) Map Making | WolfTechnology

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thank you so much.

No problem @2nd_place_guy I am always here to help! Except when I am sleeping lol.

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could you help me build my Among them map??

Sure! But how will we translate to play?

I don’t know
I don’t know :question:


Do you have discord?

no I do not have discord


Do you have any communicating devices?

Alright, I got in the server!

What should I add to the game?

do you want to see what I have so far