Does anyone kow how to make more than one respawn but if you die in a room it respawns you in the respawner you chose

dont know if this is possible but i leave that up to yall

you can use the checkpoint devise.

once a player goes into the checkpoint it will be there new respawn point until they find another checkpoint.

@Gizmo2.0 yes im making a red light green light want to check it out on WIX

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I cant go on the wix right now because im on a school laptop but you can post it here and I can play it. just make sure to delete it after your done.

well guess what im on a school computer right now am i managed to use my other gmail and it worked but ok

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@Gizmo2.0 just put the code in

Just put it in the link I sent.

@Gizmo2.0 i just put the code bro get in or not

I dont want to get in troube so hurry up

Sorry, but codes are not allowed on this forum. You should delete it or you will risk getting flagged.

it is not valid and so just put it in the link I sent you!

I dont know how to use that so…

I dont mind joining just put the code in the link I sent you.

I think I did it k yes or no

game not found?

ok I have to do something. I will be back around 3-4 pm est.

wait i just did it so get in now

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im in.