Does Anyone know how to make this?

How do i make it so like in farmchain, when you don’t have enough items and go somewhere, like the water well, it will say a popup that says you don’t have enough items?

Example: In farmchain, i only have 1000 energy, and i only have 0 water in farmchain. I go up to the water well (getting water there is 3000 energy) and when i try getting water when i only have 1000 energy, a popup says that you can’t get water because i don’t have 3000 energy.

connect the vending machine (you should be using one) to a popup with the wire setting being ‘when attempt to purchase fails - open popup’



Wait, when i tested it, it said “Cannot Afford”

is that what the popup is supposed to say

Use a button connected to a vending machine instead of just a vending machine. Attempt to purchase when the button is pressed. When attempt to purchase fails, open popup.

The vending machine won’t let you even attempt to buy the item if you don’t have enough of the currency, so Lxmas has to connect the vending machine to a button like what @CringeKarlScott said.

oops, i missed that, i did that for mine but i forgot to put it :man_facepalming: