Does anyone know how to make it so at the start of the game, it will show you all the players on your team in a simple notification?

I need help on a game where two teams fight each other and I want a Notification to appear with all the players on your team.
Example: Title: You are on team red! Content: Players on you team: Gimkiter28, Bot1, Bot2, Bot3, Bot4, etc.

However, I need it to show the players on your team specifically— wait that didn’t really make sense…

How in the world could I do this. Any help whatsoever is awesome and I’ll take any suggestions. If you are confused, need more details and explanation from me, or didn’t understand what I said, feel free to ask!

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remove the dropdowns and the pings please


Sorry! My bad. Thanks for the reminder.

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Wait but is it against like Forums rules or something? I’m just wondering so I don’t make the same mistake.

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and you need a separate notification and relay for both teams


Thanks! I’m trying it rn. Also, any help is great, so thanks!

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its just kind of off topic

Length Warning


  1. Lifecycle (Game Start) x1

  2. Relay (Random Player On Specific Team) x1

  3. Checker x1

  4. Notification x1

  5. Blockcode x1

  6. Wires x5

Okay, so you could do this but you’ll have to use multiple notifications for this but here is what you’ll need to do:
(I got this idea from ClicClac lol)

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs —> (Relay, Random Player On Specific Team) Trigger Relay

(Relay) Relay Trigger —> (Checker) Run Check

(Checker) Check Passes —> (Relay) Trigger Relay

( :arrow_up: This’ll run the relay again if the player was already chosen)

(Checker) Check Fails —> (Notification) Run Wire Pulse Block


Send Notification | Title:
Content: | Triggering Player’s Name

(Checker) Check Fails —> (Item Granter) Grant Item

If you don’t know how this works, don’t worry!
I’ll explain.
(This was also confusing for me lol)

So, the Relay chooses a Random Player on Team # and runs a check on them.

If the Check fails, it Grants you an item and runs some blockcode and sends a Notification.
Remember the bold part.
This will be important soon.

Okay, so what if the Check Passes?
(Remember the bold part)
Since we granted the player an item when the check fails, it means the notification was already sent so we retrigger the relay and repeat the cycle.

“What if all players have already been chosen?”

I got you, if all players on team # were already chosen, they’ll all have an item which means the Check will keep on failing and the Relay and Checker will become depressed since they can’t perform their actions anymore.

Sorry for taking so long to type, I was trying to understand ClicClac’s guide lol.
Also, what @LlamaLady22 said would be better if it works.

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I see! Thanks! Again, my bad!


I think it won’t work unless you take a property of the player then add another player

No problem! Thanks for helping! I will try your solution as well! Also, the it supposed to be Random Player at the top?

Got it!


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Yes, all of the Relays are Random Player.
You only use one relay.

If this works, it could actually be a guide lol.

Edit: I updated (edited) the other post with a walkthrough, that might help.

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Uh…I kinda ran into a problem. How do yoy make it so that in the block code it will show the players in you team in the notification. I don’t know if you already covered this in you solution(possible awesome guide) or not.

Like what do I put for content?
Screenshot 2023-12-11 183248

The Triggering Player’s Name block?
Also, you’d have to duplicate that for different teams cause they could interfere with each other.
Since the Relay keeps on running and sending notifications, you only need one Triggering Player’s Name block.

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Oh! I will separate the blocks now. Also, Triggering Player’s Name block will show the whole team?


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No, it won’t because the relay keeps running and sending notifications with players on their team.
You need to duplicate the system, delete the other team’s block and duplicate it.
(By I mean duplicate I mean duplicate the system from this post)

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Mark a solution if you have found one!

He’s still testing it out.


How do you know that they are a he?

Also, to confirm, I am a He…

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