Does anyone know how to make a waypoint point to a certain place when a player has an item in their inventory

I need help with a system where when you defeat a sentry, it drops a keycard that can be use to open a door. I want to make it so when any player has that keycard, a waypoint will appear for them only, showing them the way to the door. If you need me to deeper explain my problem, feel free to ask. Pls Help.

place a Inventory item manager, a waypoint, and a property
click the waypoint and go to activate scope and set it to player
click the property and go to property scope and set it to player
Name the property something
set the inventory item manager to the item you want
make the inventory item manager update the property
wire the property to the waypoint
property value changed > activate waypoint

Hope this helps!


I would instead use a checker checking for more than one of item instead of property changes → activate waypoint, due to this system activating the waypoint if the item is dropped. Other than that, spot on explanation!


I like your thinking as well, could you explain your system to me so I can add it.

Mine? Have a lifecycle → repeater → checker system that checks if the item is in your inventory, player scoped of course. If true, connect the checker to the waypoint and activate it, while if false, connect it to a wire repeater and connect the wire repeater to the waypoint, deactivating it. Sorry this took so long, penguins have to eat as well!

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You should make the property trigger the checker instead of a lifecycle.

The repeater triggers the checker. If you have memory complaints, remember that a wire repeater clock takes up almost no memory, is easy to understand conceptually, and never stops as well.

Oh. I thought you were using an IIM lol.

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Does it work?

Wingwave, you don’t need to ask “does it work?” If it does, we’ll either see a solution marked, or not (PLEASE don’t say mark a solution), and we’ll probably never hear from them again. If it doesn’t work, they’ll probably just say so.


Sorry about that. It’s just that a lot of the time, new users just say “thanks” and then we never hear from them again. I got it now, though.


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