Does anyone know how to make a trigger give point

I am making a dragonball map and need help giving the team a point, or, dragonball. Also, how do I make the item that represents the dragonball have a point value. Please help me community! Thank you LlamaLady22 for the help!

so you want it so when a trigger triggers, the team who triggered it gets a point on the leaderboard?

Triggered → grant item

On map options, make the leaderboard track the amount of that item you have.

(this is the way to do it with items, because you say
“make the item that represents the dragonball have a point value”)

But you could also do this with properties, which would be more reliable because hypothetically the person could just drop the item.

Here’s a guide that could help you with Property Leaderboards! (I know it says capture the flag but it works for all scenarios)

Instead of having the flag captured increment the counter, make it the trigger triggering increment the counter

(darn it i just realized i never gave you the guide… here it is if you want it…)

Thank you so much, you are a life saver, I will give credits in a hidden book.

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