Does anyone know how to make a giant cobweb made out of barriers?

I just cant make it. Its impossible

It would be very tedious, but as with most things, it could still be possible.
@NightEnd what do you want it for?

metal poles? Spiders?

You could use a white circular barrier and some rectangular ones that stick out of the first one (or blackboard legs)

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I have literally been trying for 30 minutes now. Whenever I get close to finishing it turns out that it dosent look like a spiderweb. Sometimes it looks like an x and sometimes its jsut misshapen

We aren’t using the art tag. It is reserved for Community Made Guides.
Also, please don’t say it’s impossible. You may want to edit that out from your post.


Try using the :spider_web: emoji and put in in the text device. Make the text device’s font larger.

An idea for the cobweb

As an extra bonus try making a zone around the Spiderweb which is connected to a speed modifier that slows you down.

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Okay thanks for telling me!

lemme try that

And make the text color white (if that works for emojis, idk)

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It dosent work. The text can only get so big. I mean it works but the web is small

So, what do you want this cobweb to do and look like?

I want it to be really big for a bossfight

You can increase the text size or font to see if that changes anything. If it doesn’t work just use barriers like in my earlier post.

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Oh, and you can add the spider prop on the cobweb or maybe a sentry on top of it.
Idea: stepping in the web slows you down

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The text size only gets to 144 so its still pretty small.

Yeah, maybe try wooden and metal poles or barriers without collision. If you want the player to slow down in it, then you could wire a zone (in the area of the web) to a speed modifier.

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The poles cant be white though and the blackboard leg cant either. I

Ive tried with barriers but the blackboard leg’s color cant be changed