Does anyone know how I can substitute this?

So I was following this guide, How to make the lottery machine like in Farmchain (🟧) for a lottery system and I can’t seem to find the block
" Grant player selected Item (custom amount)"
i’m asuming that this block was either removed or i did something wrong. Can anyone help?

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Is it not in featured?

Im looking at step three

You’re in an item granter, right?

yea i am.

what color is it? I just want to know. (well also to help)

dark blue

oh so it’s not a variable. I think that should be in featured

what do you mean?

there isn’t featured on blocks, is there?

you have to go to on wire pulse. it will be on just for this item :slight_smile:


and no there isn’t a featured block spot thing, sorry.

It’s in the item granter’s blocks.


my pleasure :slight_smile: and it was nothing now please mark a solution :slight_smile:


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