Does anyone have ideas for a spooky dnd crawler? fast plz

does anyone have ideas fo a spooky dnd crawler?

rouge= blaster and medium hp regen
warrior= zapper and high hp regen
mage=wooden wand, evil eye and low hp regen

finale boss is done to
more dungeon

the bread it the oven burns over time

i just want any opinions pls and thx

One idea for a spooky DnD crawler could be a haunted mansion that the players are tasked with exploring. The mansion could have secret passages, hidden rooms, and ghostly apparitions that appear and disappear as the players move through the house. The players could encounter puzzles that they need to solve in order to progress, such as finding hidden keys or deciphering cryptic messages. The mansion could also be filled with traps and dangerous creatures that the players need to fight off or avoid, including undead monsters, ghouls, and ghosts. As the players delve deeper into the mansion, they could uncover the dark history of the house and the reason behind its haunting, which could lead to a final confrontation with the mansion’s malevolent spirit.

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Please dont create repeat guides. They just cause more clutter

nice ideas i will prob do secret rooms ghost and puzzles

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oh sry i didnt know ):

I made sure this is the main guide now. We just wanna keep this place clean!



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Why are you making another DnD game? Add a sanity mechanic so that if you’re in the dungeon fo too long, you become insane. (Strange stuff happens, your vision randomly blacks out, you get slow or fast randomly, use a randomizer to do this.) You can also add a place where you can recharge your sanity.

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have you played hammer watch?

cus i want this to be like it


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no i need still ideas for the last part

the last part? could i have some images?

whoop gtg 2 school

i might not replie instantly