Does anyone have any prop art ideas?

I can’t think of anything, so if anyone has an idea, I will try to make it, and when I make a guide I will credit the person for the idea.

A Fireplace, Doors, and Fire, are just some Ideas I was thinking about making a guide on.


make a palm tree ik how to make the trunk but the leaves are the hard part

bro i already did that a while ago

Maybe make a house (exterior or interior).

Take the plant that has leaves like a palm tree and expand it and put a barrier ontop of the pot and dye it brown, so you still see the leaves and the pot is brown. Plus you already know how to make the trunk.

the leaves turned brown too so am i doing it wrong?

I used an alien plant, made it larger, and rotated them a bunch.

No the leaves stay green.

it worked :+1:t4:<ergwvthwrthwbtr.>

I made a house a reallllyyy long time ago, and it’s cringy how weird it is.

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In one of @WhoAmI’s games, there are “houses” (more like tiny huts) that are just walls with plank roofing.

Mine is plank walls and plank roofing with an extremely cursed chimney



Unfortunately the world it is in is deleted although I should be able to recreate it fairly quickly


Factory line