Does anyone have a solution to the problem that I have with spectator mode?

When someone is in spectator mode, and they are spectating someone else, they can still interact with buttons.

No, there are no spectator modes. This has not been implemented into Gimkit Creative.

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ok i came back online just to say ur wrong, there is

There are? Also, what happened to the pfp?

They are taking a break from the community.

I knew that. Anyhow, what are the spectator modes?

Also, don’t you mean buttons like the device buttons?

The team switcher has an option to switch you to a spectator. However, they can’t interact with anything unfortunately. The closest you can do is make little mini rooms that the player can teleport across after they get knocked out, but are still confined to. Welcome to the forum!


I know the first part, I was just saying you can’t do anything in spectator mode.

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