Does anyone have a better speed system?

This is the GK8 speed system under the hood. If you want to see the settings for anything, just ask.

It works, but there are two major bugs that need fixing ASAP that I can’t solve.

  1. Only the host can use it. That’s a problem.
  2. After activating a mushroom or a star (the four triggers under “Speed Up Cycle” and “Speed Down Cycle” the players’ speed is set to a very low value.

Any insight is appreciated! Thanks!

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May I see the settings to the speed down cycle?

What are you making??

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Where’s all the speed modifiers???

Up above. They don’t matter for this question.

The first trigger, called SpeedDownCycle1, triggered by DoSpeedDownCycle:

The second trigger, called SpeedDownCycle2, triggered by StartSpeedDownPhase2:

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I am trying to completely unbug the GK8 speed changing system.

What is the GK8 speed changing system? What is GK8?

GK8 is GimkitKart 8, and the speed changing system is one of the core parts of the game. If you still don’t get it, go play it on Discovery.

Okay, thank you!
(why didn’t you say that earlier?)

So, what’s going on here? Why do you need so many triggers?
I assume some of it is for different power-ups 'n stuff, but it seems like a LOT.

YOU HAVE 56,000 PLAYS???
So that’s why my measly 3,000 plays can’t get on the trending list!

This seems to work pretty well…
if it only works for the host, use wires:
Player teleports to track --------> Activate speed

The top 4 triggers and the line of nine are if you get and use a mushroom. That smoothly transitions the player from onroad speed to mushroom speed and back.
The bottom four are smoothly transition from onroad to offroad back to onroad.
The other triggers start the processes.

Then the speed will always be the same…

One of the biggest things about GK8 is the fact that is has dynamic speed.

What do you mean by ‘only the host can use it’?

The speed system only works for the host. Everyone else walks around at x1 speed. NOT supposed to happen.

Is it supposed to be like that, or does it just not affect the other players?