Does anybody know about tag domination

Does anybody know what your supposed to do with the purple key in tag domination .

It just goes to one of the filing cabinets and gives you some lore. Nothing much.


Ok thanks @Cellofive

I still don’t even know how to get the purple key, can someone explain

also, when u get what u need, don’t forget solution

To get purple key its in the bottem of the map where the 2 secret portals are at on the black table

You use the keys to unlock the filing cabinet. One of the codes listed at the bottom gets you into the computer in Snowy Survival after you unlock the vault. I’m fairly certain that it tells you about chemical supreme, but that might be after completing the entire side mission in OWO. Anyhow, this is off-topic, and I would suggest marking a solution so that this can close, and so that no more clutter happens. Thank you for understanding.


I would suggest you read this, it gives you steps to the lore, but just like Here to help I suggest you mark a solution since this is off-topic and will be flagged.


thanks, i’ll copy it

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