DOD vs. WOW: The Countdown

Ok, so, some of you know that I am making a DOD vs. WOW Gimkit creative map, and I need some help. So, basically, I want 5-10 mini games in my whole game. I have:

  1. CTF
  2. Tag Domination
  3. Dodgeball
  4. Elimination - player vs. player, one dies, another comes up, until all on that team have died.
  5. Escape the Hunter - 2 minutes per team, one player from each team gets to be hunter, chosen randomly
  6. RPS
  7. All-out war - team vs. team, last team standing wins
  8. Obby - Maybe both teams have a course(Not very long, of course), and the same one for both, just repeated, and have to cross? First whole team finished wins?
  9. Soccer - My soccer or blast ball soccer?
  10. Protect the Sentry? - Whichever team lasts the longest wins?

You could use the Gimkit 2-d modes for minigames

an obstacle course? like you have a whole bunch of lasers or something and people have to get through it and whoever gets all their people through first wins

Escape room: who can escape first?

  • King of the Hill: Players have to control a specific area on the map and hold it for as long as possible.
  • Survival: Players have to survive waves of enemies or obstacles while collecting power-ups to stay alive.
  • Race: Players have to race through a course, avoiding obstacles and collecting power-ups to gain an advantage.
  • Elimination: Players are divided into two teams and have to eliminate the other team’s players.
  • Puzzle: Players have to solve a puzzle or riddle to advance to the next level.

I said puzzle, also make a tycoon

But use them for minigames.

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Let me add some to the list…

@here how do you think this is?

Obby and Race seem awfully similar.

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True… I’ll keep Obby, anything for Race?

The obby will be hard, as jumping doesn’t exist. You can make a glass bridge, though.

Mrs. Extraordinaire

What do you mean?

That’s too complicated though
That will take up 70 percent of the memory of the map. Wait… Two teams… Hmmmm…
Still, no.

I mean Mrs. Extraordinaire of Bedwars (your name in bio).
it doesn’t need to be complicated. just beds, and shooting.

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Also ,do you think I should do Tic Tac Toe?

Nah, for entire teams, seems to much.
There definitely isn’t a guide on it…

Not a GUide

(How to make Clic-Clac-Toe 🟥)

DOD, stands for? And WOW represents? A slight backround check please.

Same. Maybe Rock Paper Scissors? I think I could definitely make that… Yeah, that’s it.

It could be a random person from each team