Do you think we could make this :)

do you think we could make a physical in-game leaderboard that would have numbers for each player and count up every 1 second and reset when you die?

it’s been done

Would you mind sending me a tutorial

There is an in game leaderboard automatically. You would have to use properties ro make it work like that though

Trigger that triggers itself with a 1 sec delay. The trigger increments a counter. Lifecycle listening for knocked out that resets the counter. The counter updates a property.


It’s possible not as a device but as a device system/s.


Alright, thanks!


Gosh I got to figure out that onebox thing I see everyone with it

because that trick may be useful for something

Post a link on a line by itself.

I do not know how to do that though It seems weird

post the link on it’s own line.
example: but make sure that link is on it’s own line. no other words other than the link on that line.


Well is this correct

No quotes. just paste the link by itself, on it’s own line.


there is that it?

just paste the link, Ctrl + V. don’t click the share button.

ahaaa i used an invalid link

Like this:


Is on a line where the line before and after is blank

Your too late sorry I had figured it out

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