Do you know how to make roles?

I’m wondering how to do it because I want roles such as Tank, Sn1per, Medic, and Rifleman

What do you mean by roles? Like, everyone get separate things?

Yeah I want people to choose what role they want to be just like @Jobozo1875 Perfect Heist map so they can be stronger in one or more specific ability.

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I made a map of roles once, I could try helping soon but I have to go right now.

Maybe make a property for each player, that updates on choosing a class. On game start, check the property, and whichever it has gives you certain stuff

screen overlay?
in text there should be several continuance just doo that and an item granter and channels

that’s what @Jobozo1875 did right?

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Do you mean like what I did? I’ll link it bellow