"Do not show again" option on popup

Hiya, I’m trying to create a Host Options overlay button on my game, but I want to bring up a popup with a call to action to “not show again” for the entirety of the game. I’m willing to use properties if necessary, but hopefully not block code. If it requires it, then I’ll do what I must. Thanks!

Delete the wire connected from the overlay to the pop-up and instead place a trigger. Connect the overlay to the trigger and the trigger to the pop-up. Connect the overlay’s call to action button to the trigger (call to action button pressed → deactivate)

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How would I make it go to the next popup, though? I am making a chain of popups to pick a command on, so how would I make it skip the first one and go to the next?

Also connect the overlay to a trigger that is deactivated on game start so it triggers, and connect the first pop up’s call to action to the trigger so it activates.

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