Don't show again popup

I need to connect a button to a popup and in the popup there is a call to action that says “Don’t show again.” So it doesn’t show for the rest of the game. I already saw a topic about this but it didn’t work for me, how would I do this? It’s for a dungeon I’m making.

All you need to do is make the button deactivate when pressed.

But I want them to be able to press the button again when they die and respawn.

Maybe add a trigger underneath the spawn pad that re-activates the button?

@NavyCatZ probably has a better idea, though.

Do you know where the post I made answering that topic is?

This is the post: "Do not show again" option on popup - #2 by NavyCatZ

Connect a lifecycle set to player knocked out to the first trigger so it activates, and also connect it to the second trigger so it deactivates.

Thank you, I’ll use this.

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