DO NOT REPLY it is solved

How do I make a randomizer I need one for my GKC map

There is a thing called a search bar, in the top-right corner of your screen, by the profile.

can wait for elgobuild to come back

I searched and nothing popped up

Probably because you spelled “randimizer” wrong :slight_smile:

Did you hit enter…?

like (I don’t wanna wait 13 mins)

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spelling = important you know

“radimizer” lol :rofl:

but ik you were tiping fast

oh hi Pikachu ripoff (morepeko)

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i was bored

everyones in that state where you want 2 confuse ppl

okay now that ur question has been answered mark a solution please

The irony…

what irony

It’s when someone says something and does it
EXAMPLE Timmy says “DON’T INTERRUPT PEOPLE!” and he does it like 5 minutes later.
That’s irony

k no more replying

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