Discovery Update

No, but I also don’t speak with him other than on the discord.

he was making things like this recently, such as allowing you to see what terrain is walls/floors, and I know some of the other gimhook people found out how to place dev devices

so I’d wait to see what he finishes with and also look more into gimhook in general

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Yeah, he was working with the gimkit devs on a project, never told me what it was though.

What’s gimhook?

Yea, that would be a fun ad practical application of the coordinate system!

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A simple guide for Gimhook

it’s a gimkit modloader

wolf has just referenced the ‘better zoom’ mod. there’s also ‘ClickTP’ which allows you to teleport


The app on were you can sreen shot a whole gimkit creative map and large sections bigger than your screen normally allows. Or what Cassius said.

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This is actually a good update though

Just imagine that happening

Dang it I saw the Update tag and got really excited :frowning:

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Sorry @TryEverything

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how would you make a mod



Have you updated the search in discovery yet Josh?

How many plays does something have to get to get into the trending section

It needs to have more plays than most games.

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Fortunately, not very many! Its quite easy if you have a good thumbnail and a exciting title along with a actually fun game!

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Yay A Another Update my favorite

Another Update…
From December :santa: :snowflake: :snowman:
There isn’t another update, it’s from ages :spider_web: ago.